Jet Lagged And Juggling Life: The Next Tarot Check-In

Travel plans aside, June was a very busy month for me and it’s looking like July is shaping up to be just as busy. I’m juggling 3 jobs, hobbies, chores, a social life. I’ve got book sales going on and a convention coming up.

Typically, these check-ins are meant to be a reflection of the past month – a chance to look back and sort through thoughts and events – but it’s hard to separate the events of June and the upcoming plans for July. Things that happened last month have set me up for even more excitement this month. And because of my trip to Scotland, the events of June started back in May. Everything is blending together. Time means nothing.

In all seriousness, the check-in for June sets things up nicely for an announcement I have for July. And boy am I excited for what’s to come in the next month. So, let’s dive right in!

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

June: VI of Quills: It’s interesting that I had plans to travel at the end of May and beginning of June, because this card indicates a journey or travel that is purposeful and results in a restoration of peace of mind. Additionally, sometimes knowledge or inspiration comes from inexplicable sources.

And how accurate was it?


Let’s break this down.

As I mentioned back when I did the initial birthday tarot reading, I was travelling at the end of May and beginning of June. And yes, the journey was purposeful. Although stressful, the trip to scatter my Grandpa’s ashes in Scotland did give me great peace of mind.

The knowledge I gained on this trip was also insightful. Taking the time to step away from my everyday life, it helped me to evaluate some of my thoughts and feelings surrounding work, career goals, and personal life. Ultimately, this is what led to taking a big step at the end of June.

Some of you might already be aware of this, but last week I gave my notice at my part-time job! By the end of July, I will be completely self-employed. This will allow me the time (and energy) I need to put some serious work into my self-publishing career. And although I will still take on contract reception and writing work (because, let’s be honest, there is a cost of living crisis going on), I will have so much more time to write and edit!

So July will be exceptionally busy for me as I get everything set up, but come August I will be able to proudly proclaim that I am a full-time self-published indie author! And I do intend to put in full-time hours. We’re almost half-way through 2023 and I already have BIG plans for 2024.

Stay tuned!

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