Hi There, It’s Been A While…

img_6484What a whirlwind year I’ve just had!

If you’ve read my most recent year in review you’ll know how insane things have been for me, and if you’ve been keeping an eye on my blog you’ll know how little time I’ve had for writing.

I think the hardest part about trying to keep up with the blog over the past few months is that I knew what I wanted to write, I just couldn’t get it done. I saw plenty of plays and movies with friends and family, did fun things I wanted to write about, but I just could not work on the blog posts.

This was partially because I didn’t have a whole lot of extra time. I was working 6-7 days a week and most of my work days were 11-12 hours long. And I definitely was not getting enough rest or sleep in between. When I did have those rare moments of downtime, that was when my body would force me into recovery mode. I couldn’t do ANYTHING. On some days, even trying to stay alert for the duration of an episode of any tv show was a struggle.  If I managed to get a full day off, I barely had enough energy to keep on top of household chores, let alone anything else. I had attempted to start to work on cosplays and blog posts, but whenever I tried I would quickly hit my limit both mentally and physically; I couldn’t make much progress on anything, let alone finish a project. And it certainly didn’t help that the stress and exhaustion were causing me to get sick at least once a month. I definitely did not enjoy my fall/winter.

But now things are different.  Mark and I have settled into the new home quite nicely; I have adjusted to my new work schedule and my new commute (a commute that allows me to get lots of reading done); I’ve started working on cosplays again and it’s helping me to de-stress when work gets crazy; and I have time to hang out with friends.  And, most importantly, there is plenty of time for wedding planning.  I am happier and healthier than I have been in months. I feel that I now have adequate physical and mental energy to dive back into the blog and pick up where I left off.

So, what do I have planned?

Well, I have seen plays and movies over the past few months and I have either started some write-ups or at least made notes about them.  But rather than deal with a backlog of 20 or so blog posts when I know that I’ll have new things to write about very soon, I’ve decided to try something a bit different.  I’m going to treat a few of my upcoming posts as an exercise to ease myself back into writing.  I’ve got something of a “speed round” planned: one post for all the movies and one post for all the plays that I have seen but not yet written about. And while I’m working on those posts about events in the past I will also be sharing all of my upcoming excursions and adventures.  Stay tuned!

Finally, welcome to any new readers who may stumble upon this strange little project of mine. And thank you to any returning readers who have been patient with me while I took my unexpected hiatus – you’re the best!

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