Feast Your Eyes On This Sweet, Interactive Pop Up Museum

As Mark and I were talking a walk through downtown Toronto, we passed by a bright pink building that piqued our curiosity.  Located at 322 1/2 Queen Street West, we could not ignore the allure “Eye Candy” and had to go inside to find out what is was.

The bright pink outside was enough to get me in to the building, but it was the crazy colours and backdrops inside that made me want to stay.  As we asked the hostesses about “Eye Candy”, they explained that if we bought a ticket we could roam around inside the interactive exhibit and take pictures.  They showed us some examples and I realized I had seem pictures like this before – my sister had visited “Eye Candy” when she was in Toronto, and the pictures she had taken looked amazing.  I had to experience this for myself, so I paid the ticket price ($20 + tax per person) and went inside.

Inside is a long hallway, segmented into different “rooms”.  Each room has a completely different style and theme.  And the entire space is fun, colouful, mind-blowing, and perfect for taking pictures.

It seems like a simple concept – just walk around and take pictures against the various backdrops – but it was a lot of fun!  With so many different “rooms” to choose from, and so many different things to interact with, there are endless possibilities for fun and wacky photo shoots.  Each space is well lit and perfect for pictures and selfies.  And each of the little “rooms” is completely different from the others around it; the different themes challenged me to try to come up with creative photo concepts.  Whether you’re trying to get a glamour shot, a cute photo for date night, or you want to have fun and be silly, the various spaces within this pop-up museum allow for all kinds of pictures.  At the risk of sounding cliché, the only limit is your imagination.

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Toronto, I highly recommend checking out “Eye Candy”.  Mark and I had a blast and we took lots of pictures.  And I mean LOTS.  We kept the cameras on our phones going the whole time and only stopped to filter out the “bad” from the “good” long after we left the building (I think we took just under 200 photos).  So if you see a bright pink building filed with eye candy, go inside and have some fun!

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