Netflix Pick Of The Week: The Sinner

This is both the best and the worst time to marathon tv shows.  I’m stuck at home, I have more free time, and some of my hobbies support having the tv on in the background. So it feels great to be able to get through a lot of the shows on my Netflix list. Plus, I worked so many extra hours in the months leading up to the pandemic that this is the first time in months that I’ve really been able to rest and get back to focusing on my health.

However, there is also a bit of guilt surrounding tv marathons for me at the moment.  With all this extra free time, even on days when I get a lot done, I feel like I’m not doing enough. I did not expect that not being at work would be this hard.  While I try to figure out my next steps, having the tv on in the background while I do chores/cooking/crafts/workouts/etc is calming.  But, at the same time, I feel guilty that I’m watching tv when I should be working.

That being said, I fully intend to continue crossing shows and movies off of my list while I get things done at home. So, here is this week’s Netflix pick:

img_9608The Sinner Created by Derek Simonds – Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller: Each season is a self-contained story. In Season 1, Detective Ambrose tries to figure out why a woman suddenly murdered a stranger on the beach.  In Season 2, Ambrose returns to his home town to uncover the truth behind why a young boy murdered two people who appear to be his parents.

Pros: Season 1 is phenomenal.  The constant back and forth between past and present helps to create tension. At times, I was unsure whether the past was merely character development, or if it pertained to the present events.  Looking back, there were clues scattered within the past and hidden in dreams that hinted at the reason behind the crime.

Cons: Season 2 was too convoluted.  Although it had a good overall story and strong characters, there were too many elements.  It felt like there were just too many influencing factors involved in the crime.  And because almost every character was involved in the events in one way or another, the “twists” were never surprising.

Final Thoughts: I liked how this show was all about the “why”.  We know from the beginning that the murderers are guilty, we just don’t understand the motives.  And I’d like to address a plot hole – In season 2, did The Beacon actually leave, or was his tea poisoned (in keeping with the themes of that season)?

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