Netflix Pick of the Week: Toc Toc

When I first came up with the idea to do Yarn Monster’s Netflix Pick of the week, I really didn’t expect that it would become the main focus of my blog.  My plan was to post weekly short-form content in order to increase the amount I was posting, and to challenge myself by writing shorter reviews. It’s really hard to say everything I want to in only 50 or so words, but it’s been a great writing exercise.

I did not expect that this short-form content would be the only thing I was posting.  Everything I would normally get up to has been postponed or cancelled. I can’t go out to the movies anymore, so I have to rely on streaming services. And I wasn’t planning on working on any new cosplays this year because of my wedding (which I have had to postpone).  I’m thinking that as long as I continue to be trapped inside, I’ll have to start sharing some more personal blog posts, or get up to some sort of wild shenanigans in quarantine.  But, until then, here’s my Netflix pick of the week.

img_9661Toc Toc Directed by Vincente Villanueva – Comedy: In this Spanish film, a group of people with OCD all have an appointment to meet with an exclusive specialist.  Not only is the doctor late, but all of their appointments seem to have been booked for the same time.  As they wait for the doctor, they have to deal with one another’s quirks.

Pros: This is a very funny movie, but it is also wholesome. The characters could have easily been made the butt of the joke for the entirety of the film, but the ending is full of hope and the characters all show signs of personal growth. I loved it more than I expected to.

Cons: Since the receptionist’s antics were so over the top, the twist ending wasn’t all that surprising because it was very obvious that something was going on.  Although her antics often added to the comedy of the film, sometimes she was just too much and it detracted from everything else that was going on.

Final Thoughts: Based on the structure of the plot, as well as the fact that the majority of the action took place in the same room, it was obvious that this film was based on a play.  As a regular theatre goer, the play-like vibe of the film really didn’t bother me. I found it suited the scenario well.

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