Netflix Pick of the Week: Babies Part 2

It’s back! It’s the show that lured me in with the promise of cute babies and then kept me hooked with interesting science: Babies. Part 2 of the Netflix documentary series became available for streaming this weekend, so I dove right in and prepared to binge-watch.

img_0336Babies Part 2 – Documentary: The second season of this documentary series challenges the notion that babies are born as a blank slate. As each episode examines a different aspect of babies’ growth, learning, and development, we see just how much babies may already know and understand from the moment they are born.

Pros: I found that the scientific research and experiments featured in these episodes stood out for me a little more compared to those in Part 1. I especially enjoyed the episode about the senses and how they affect the world of a baby. I did not realize how little vision babies have.

Cons: Part 1 seemed to really be focused on following around specific families during the growth of their babies.  Although most of those families were still featured in Part 2, this aspect of the show didn’t seem to be as important. It felt a little like it was an afterthought.

Final Thoughts: There’s cute babies and science – it doesn’t get much better than that! I’d definitely be interested in seeing a Part 3 because I’m really enjoying the scientific aspects of the show.  I particularly like how some of the scientists have even used their own children for experiments.

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