A Sad Night Of Shark Week

img_0745This was a sad night of Shark Week. And it wasn’t just sad for me because this was the last full night of Shark Week. What really made this night unfortunate were some technical difficulties on my end. I had no problems with the first episode of the night, but once the second episode started it was game over. Mark tried really hard to get everything fixed for me, and for a while it looked like he succeeded. Until he went to bed. Then all of the problems came back. Thankfully, as I mentioned in my previous post, by Friday and Saturday all of the good shows have already happened. At this point, it’s mostly fluff left so I really didn’t miss too much.

Sharks of Ghost Island: Starting off the night strong with an episode that focuses on shark conservation! Great Isaac Cay in the Bahamas is known as Ghost Island partly because of the large, “man eating” sharks in the area. Dr. Craig O’Connell and Andy Casagrande team up to investigate this island and its sharks. If they can prove that this is a hot spot for large, migratory species then they’ll be able to take steps to ensure this island is protected. This show was great because it had science, tons of footage of different kinds of sharks, and it was all about shark conservation. Oh, and since the island is near the Bermuda Triangle, the mission was a little bit cursed because instrumentation kept shutting down. So that was cool.

img_0744Wicked Sharks: Dr. Greg Skomal sets off on a research mission to study and tag great white sharks near Cape Cod. Because there are so many seals in the area, Skomal is specifically looking to study the hunting style of these great whites. This is especially important given that there are also many people (specifically, beach goers) in the area. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I missed over half of the episode as it kept freezing. The parts of the episode I was able to see were interesting at least. Skomal is a classic Shark Week expert, so I almost always enjoy the shows that feature him. The science is interesting and informative, and he’s always mindful of keeping both sharks and people safe in areas where the two come into close contact. And this episode was no exception.

Sharks Gone Wild 3: The fluff of Shark Week. This is a clip show featuring viral videos of sharks. Basically, it’s similar to Sharkadelic Summer from a couple of days ago, but without Snoop Dogg. Normally, Sharks Gone Wild isn’t too bad, but now that I’ve seen a similar show narrated by Snoop Dogg, this just doesn’t compare. Although the shark videos were cool, I also had technical difficulties with this one and missed most of the episode.

I Was Prey: Terrors From the Deep: After the episode of I Was Prey from the night before, I really wasn’t looking forward to watching this one. And then when I started encountering technical difficulties earlier in the night, it just didn’t feel like this show was worth it. I imagine that, had I watched it, I would have had the same comments and critiques as the other episode of I Was Prey. This is the only episode of Shark Week this year that I have completely skipped.

There’s one more Shark Week Special left. Fingers crossed all goes well for that one!

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