Cats In The Snow

Honestly, I really didn’t know what to write about this week. I’ve had so much going on this month. Too much. Between the wedding, NaNoWriMo, multiple appointments with doctors/healthcare professionals, the NYC Midnight Microfiction Contest, and everything else that’s come my way, I contemplated skipping a blog post this week. But then a wonderful opportunity presented itself. This week, I have some delightfully wholesome content to share with you.

Our youngest cats, Finn and Bubs, recently turned one (around November 15th). Although they were born close to wintertime, they were still very small when we had snow last year and never really got to experience it. Now that the boys are bigger, Mark decided to give them their first real taste of snow when that first snowfall of the season arrived a few weeks ago. The results of that little adventure were hilarious. And now that the snow has come back, Mark made sure to get pictures this time.

Bubs, the mighty floof, is perfectly at home in the snow. He sinks right in and gets as comfortable as he can without letting his butt touch anything cold. Snowflakes cling to his fur, adding to his majestic, wintery appearance. And, true to form, he thoroughly investigates whether or not snow can be eaten.

Finn’s experience in the snow can be described in one word: NOPE. This normally adventurous tabby does not enjoy the snow at all. He wants to touch the cold as little as possible, so he leans onto his back paws and hovers his front paws just above the snow.

On behalf of the boys, I hope you enjoyed this wintery photoshoot.

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