Better Late Than Never: My Monthly Tarot Check-In

I don’t know about the rest of you, but life has been a little crazy for me recently – in more ways than one. I’m more than a little late in getting around to this, but it’s time to check in on that birthday tarot reading I did for myself back in January! If you remember, the prediction for February was actually pretty accurate. So, how did the prediction for March measure up?

Let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was:

March: Lord of Quills – Armado (Reversed): Reversed, this card indicates someone acting delusional or out of control. Someone may be out for revenge, trying to cause damage, or trying to get away with something. This card also points towards feeling overextended and wrung out.

And how accurate was it?

Sort of accurate? But not entirely.

Let’s break this down. Was I overextended and wrung out? Heck yes, I was! (Honestly, when am I not?) But, as you can imagine, since I’m late posting this, I was a little more overextended than usual. In terms of the other elements of the prediction, based on what was going on in my life when I did my birthday tarot reading I wondered if this would indicate someone trying to interfere in my life in a negative way. I’ve slowly been reestablishing contact with a family member I have not spoken to in a long time, so I wondered if maybe that’s where the potential problem could lie. They’ve certainly acted delusional, caused damage, and tried to get away with things before. But I could not have been more wrong. In terms of the “damage”, I did have to put some of my personal and professional needs on hold during the month of March as I put others first. Although it can be damaging to constantly put the needs of others before your own, sometimes the situation calls for it. My husband, Mark, was under a lot of stress at the beginning of March because of an insane work deadline. I made sure that I was available to help him when he needed it, even if that meant just putting my work on hold for a moment to make him a cup of tea or an extra cup of coffee. And then, for most of the month, but particularly the last week or so, a family emergency meant that I was spending more time checking in on other family members to make sure that they were okay. So, sure, the situation was so stressful that it seemed “out of control”. And there was some “damage” done to my personal work goals when my work life balance became more than a little unbalanced. But was there anyone in my life actively trying to cause problems for me? No, not at all. And despite putting my need on the back burner, I still got A LOT accomplished. (Hmm, maybe that’s why I was overextended and wrung out…)

Although March was rough, I’m really grateful that the month didn’t turn out to be as bad as the prediction suggested. I’m glad that, so far, the more positive prediction has been fairly accurate, and the more negative prediction has been mostly inaccurate. The prediction for April seems to be a bit better, so I’m looking forward to seeing how accurate that one ends up being. Although April certainly started off rough, I’m feeling pretty optimistic that this is going to be a good month for me overall.

My team of tabbies helped me get through an exhausting month.

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