It “May” Be Accurate: Another Monthly Tarot Check-In

One of the big changes in my life this past month was that Finn went from being a desk cat to a chair thief.

May felt like mayhem – there was just so much going on. But despite the moments of exhaustion and emotional turmoil, as well as the return of some sleep issues, a lot of good things happened during the month of May. I continued to participate in writing communities and writing challenges, and I was finally able to hire a cover designer! Most importantly, I booked myself a COVID vaccine appointment for June. I can’t wait! Although the month passed by in a blur, and I may not remember all of the details, I’m interested to see how accurate my birthday tarot reading was for this past month

Let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was:

May: Hierophant – Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester: A few people came to mind when reading that this card can signify learning that comes from an established group with traditions. Although there is mention of conforming to rules and established authority – not always my forte – there is also mention of seeking education or self fulfillment. In terms of education, that is certainly a situation where I would do what I’m told.

And how accurate was it?


Let’s break this down. Now, the people who came to mind during this reading did offer me support in different ways during the month of May, but they were not the established group with traditions that I learned from. That group was, hands down, the AutoCrit community. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been very involved with AutoCrit recently and I learned a lot from this community last month. Not only did my horror writing course end in May, but there were daily YouTube live streams as part of their Community Writing Challenge that also proved to be educational. Without a doubt, I sought education and self fulfillment last month. And that part I was worried about – conforming to rules and established authority? That was my decision to hire a cover designer. I’ve been trying to keep the costs down for the short story collection I’m going to be publishing, and skipping a cover designer was one of the ways I was attempting to do that. Through an extensive amount of research, I heard that some people used Canva to make book covers. Although I liked what I made through that site, nothing really looked as professional as I wanted it to and I knew I was going to have to hire a designer. Plus, for weeks, I’d been hearing from various sources through AutoCrit that hiring a cover designer was a must if you wanted your book to sell. Thankfully, I received a gift from my family that allowed me to cover the cost of hiring a professional to do the work. And oh boy, she was worth every penny. I can’t wait to show off that cover when I publish my short story collection.

June is off to a less than ideal start, and the prediction isn’t the greatest, but I have high hopes for this month because I’m determined to keep learning and growing. Plus, I’m finally getting vaccinated, so that’s a huge win.

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