Is It Nap Time Yet? A Monthly Tarot Check-In

To say that November was overwhelming is an understatement. Not only was there a lot going on, but I was also dealing with mental health and physical health issues. Despite all of that, there were some good things that happened in November. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary, and Finn and Bubs turned two years old! Now, a cat’s birthday might not seem like a big deal, but I was obsessed with getting the boys to age two. When Orla passed in the beginning of 2020, we were told that the illness she had, FIP, can appear during the first two years of a cat’s life. Because of that, age two became a very special milestone for me when it came to Finn and Bubs. Well, age two has come and gone without much fuss. The boys are still loveable troublemakers, and I’m still grateful to be a cat mom.

But enough about cats, let’s address the real reason for this post: It’s time for the November tarot check-in!

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

November: VII of Chalices: This card ominously warns you to be carful what you wish for. Although there could be a temptation to sample everything, beware of over indulging as judgement could be clouded by illusions and temptations.

And how accurate was it?

Mostly accurate.

Let’s break this down.

I supposed what I wished for around this time last year was to be successfully self employed, and by now I’ve experienced the many ups and downs of that kind of career path. November in particular was filled with many of those “downs”. Every success seemed to be overshadowed by some sort of major or minor catastrophe – and part of that could also be a result of seasonal depression. And a temptation to sample everything? You bet! Trying to do NaNoWriMo on top of my regular work/writing routine, on top of doctors appointments and household chores, on top of trying to safely socialize with friends, on top of just about everything else I could throw in there. I was BUSY and my body couldn’t take it anymore. And I still kept trying to push past that. The illusion in this scenario is that I thought I could do it all. I didn’t just burn out, I burst into flames. The entire month of November has been a lesson in what not to do. As a result, I finally accepted help in the form of Mark cooking dinner for four nights a week, and that alone has made a difference for me. So yes, November felt like it was all doom and gloom in the moment, but there were plenty of successes and high points as well. And all I can do is treat this as a learning experience and more forward.

And I fully intend to put what I’ve learned into effect by taking some much needed time off in December to rest both my brain and body. Here’s hoping next month’s tarot check-in reflects the couch potato lifestyle I’ll be adopting over the coming weeks.

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