The Results Are In: I’m A Winner?!?

My brain might as well be a tangled ball of yarn right now. I’ve read the email, I’ve watched the YouTube video, and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I won!

Normally, I watch the AutoCrit live streams, well, live. But today was one of those days where the timing just didn’t work out and I told myself I’d watch the recording. When I got home from work, I thought maybe I’d watch later at night when I’m doing dishes, but then I checked my email. The AutoCrit team sent a little something out congratulating the winners of the 2022 Community Writing Challenge – winners who were announced during the live stream.

When Mark heard me scream, he thought something was wrong.

My name is on that list. My name is announced in that live stream. I’m one of the winners!

I am so, so happy that the panel of judges enjoyed “Cold Cuts and Cigarettes”. And I’m even happier that I managed to traumatize the judges who aren’t all that used to horror (sorry Katherine and Daniel).

My mind is still reeling but I have to thank to AutoCrit community for their classes, writing prompts, support, feedback, and everything in between. I’ve tried a number of different writing communities and this one is my favourite for a reason.

Oh, and readers, you bet I’ll be getting this story ready for publication.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a happy dance to do.

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