Better Late Than Never: The Tarot Check-In I’ve Been Avoiding

The good thing about these tarot readings and check-ins is that they force me to reflect on what’s happening in my life. It’s meditative. I get to appreciate the good, but it also means I have to reflect on and come to terms with the bad.

The past month and a half or so has been filled with amazing things and wonderful opportunities. But there have also been many, many challenges, and difficult things I am still trying to come to terms with. Thank goodness I have a good therapist.

So here it is – my time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the month of July.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

July: Queen of Quills – Beatrice (Reversed): This card indicates an enemy in the form of someone who is narrow-minded, bigoted, unforgiving, jealous, or hypercritical. On the other hand, you may be deceiving yourself, and perhaps you feel detached.

And how accurate was it?

Kind of?

Let’s break this down.

Enemies have appeared in many forms, but not necessarily the ones laid out in the prediction. Time and money are always the big ones. Especially since I am still trying to recover from my job loss at the beginning of the pandemic AND my temporary job loss caused by the storm in May.

There was also a human enemy who I would prefer not to give any additional mental attention at this time. But someday, when I’m ready, that person may appear as a helpless victim in a gruesome horror story.

I think the only way in which I’ve been deceiving myself is when my depression is at its worst (there’s that detachment) and I tell myself that things will not get better and that I am not worthy of the good things in my life. And that is completely wrong. Things have been getting better for me, and I do deserve these precious wins. Maybe I’ve been my own enemy this past month and a half. Thankfully, I have a wonderful support system to get me through the tough times and to celebrate the good times with me.

So to anyone else struggling right now, whether due to an external force or mental illness, here is a big, virtual hug from me to you. We’ve got this!

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