Who Am I Fooling? We All Know What Time It Is

It’s time for the monthly tarot check-in! Is it just me, or did August pass by in a blur? I’m sitting here, trying to reflect back on everything that happened last month and I’m drawing a blank on a lot of it. And here I thought the last few weeks were a little calmer for me, but I guess it’s still the same old chaos. But does that fit with the card I pulled on by birthday?

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

August: The Fool – Feste: This card represents an open mind, a fresh perspective, and optimism. Although The Fool has freedom, he does not have power. But the unexpected does not faze him; it just provides more material. The recommendation that comes with this card is to try to find humour in difficult times, and to speak the truth with grace and tact.

And how accurate was it?

For the second month in a row… Kind of.

Let’s break this down.

August was emotional. I spent a lot of time recovering from July and preparing for September, all while navigating all the new ups and downs that came my way. Did I have a fresh perspective going into the month? Absolutely. Was I open minded and optimistic? Not always. And with some of the things that came my way, I certainly felt powerless despite the freedom I have/had. But despite all the chaos, I did my best to find the humour in the difficult situations. While I worked on improving my mental health, there were a lot of tears. But thanks to the unconditional love and support from my husband, as well as his mischievousness, we had plenty of laughs. Sometimes I laughed and cried all at the same time.

I guess all that matters is that things went as well as they could have last month, and I’m now in a better place to tackle everything September has in store.

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