Spooky Changes: Time For A Tarot Check-In

September was BUSY. I was working extra shifts at my reception job, 2 contract jobs, and trying to squeeze in writing where I could. I had a relatively full social calendar, stuff to do every day, and I was walking the fine line between feeling fulfilled and feeling overwhelmed. I was looking forward to a more normal schedule and routine in October, with more time for writing and for my Spooktober movie marathon.

And then October rolled around and Mark and I got covid. We have spent the past week isolating not only from the world, but from one another. I’m been living on the couch and watching so many horror movies I feel like my brain is going to disintegrate. But I finally feel like I’m starting to pull out of this. Fingers crossed for a negative test sometime soon.

In the meantime, I finally have enough of a reprieve from the covid brain fog to reflect on my tarot reading for the month of September.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

Mark got me a new Hocus Pocus tarot deck as a Halloween gift! The “Death” card in this deck is “Transformation”, which I find really appropriate.

September: Death – King Lear: I was actually pleased to see this card pop up in the reading because off the top of my head I know this one represents change. In this case, the change is drastic and permanent, but also important and necessary. You can feel some relief because whatever you’re grappling with will soon be over and you can move on.

And how accurate was it?

Pretty accurate.

Let’s break this down.

September was filled with a lot of changes, and that’s part of what made it such a busy month. There were physical changes in the form of new tattoos (to no one’s surprise), and changes in my work. I finished one contract job, and became more involved with another, and even went through some scheduling changes in my reception job. But the most significant change last month was mental.

Between the physical changes and the positive changes with my work, I felt really good about everything. I was in control of my life and my own body, I was getting closer to financial stability for the first time after losing my job at the beginning of the pandemic. And although I am still experiencing delays with getting my next book published, I am continuing to sell books. I worked my butt off and was reaping the rewards. The promise of a calm October with plenty of time to write and watch movies made the business of September that much more worth it.

I just didn’t expect to get stuck at home sick with too much time to watch movies and not enough mental energy to write. But at least once I’m well enough to get back to my usual routine, I think October is going to be great thanks to all the changes that took place in September. I can’t wait to see how next month’s tarot check-in goes!

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