New Year, New Prediction: The Next Tarot Check-In

2022 was chaotic, December was chaotic, and I feel like a need some time off to recover from my time off. But I got a lot done this past month in preparation for the new year. I set myself up for success in my personal and publishing goals, and I’m surprisingly optimistic about the year to come. But this post is not about looking to the future – not just yet, anyway. It’s time we look back at what the tarot cards had in store for me last month.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

December: II of Scepters (Reversed): This card suggests a forthright, self assured presence. Success is near, so take initiative. You may be standing on the threshold of opportunity with the resources and help you need to do anything you want. This is the time to act decisively.

And how accurate was it?


Let’s break this down.

Was I self-assured? Probably not. And though there were no major successes for the month, I did devote some time and energy towards preparing for the future successes of 2023. Yes, last month was a threshold period for me, and I did gain some unexpected resources to help me achieve my goals. Most of my decisive actions have occurred since the start of 2023, but I’m sure the groundwork I laid in December helped me prepare for that.

After taking this time to reflect on the prediction and how things played out last month, I’m even more optimistic for the month to come. The fire has been re-ignited and I’m ready to tackle everything the new year has to throw my way.

Happy Reading! And Happy New Year!

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