Another Year Older? Time For A Tarot Reading!

Another birthday done and over with. I honestly cannot believe that I am already at 32. Given my past mental health struggles, I did not expect to make it this long. But despite all the ups and downs, life has been good and I have big plans for 2023.

This year’s birthday tarot reading gave me a chance to reflect on my goals for the year and chat with Mark about plans for the future. As I explained to him, and I think to everyone else in an earlier blog post, I treat these tarot readings as a mindfulness practice. It is an opportunity for journaling, reflecting, and meditating.

As many of my goals for 2023 are career focused, that influenced my reading of each of the cards I pulled. Mark had to remind me multiple times that it was likely that not all of the predictions would be work related. Given those thoughts and conversations in the moment, I’m really curious to see what this next year has in store, particularly as it pertains to this tarot reading.

February: Queen of Sceptres: This card suggests someone who is strong and self confident. If she feels doubt, she doesn’t show it. When you know you’re right, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Not a bad way to start my 33rd year!

March: Lord of Sceptres (Reversed): Someone might be acting like a bully. There could be quarrels or other discord. This card can also indicate burying desires or squelching ambition. A few people come to mind for this one… (cue the ominous pause).

April: II of Chalices: This card represents a love as fixed as the North Star. The value of a love like this is incalculable. This is an auspicious relationship card for compatibility and emotional balance. Well, I do have a wonderful and supportive husband.

May: I of Coins: A harbinger of new starts, tangible improvements, abundance, and success on all levels! There are new opportunities and you have the material means to realize your ambitions. You’ve worked hard and can now reap the rewards. It’s about time!

June: VI of Quills: It’s interesting that I have plans to travel at the end of May and beginning of June, because this card indicates a journey or travel that is purposeful and results in a restoration of peace of mind. Additionally, sometimes knowledge or inspiration comes from inexplicable sources.

July: Queen of Chalices (Reversed): Inconstancy, frivolousness, or dishonour. Uh oh. Someone may be the drama queen. Could it be me?You may blame troubles on others, be too easily influenced, or refuse to be ruled by your emotions.

August: King of Coins (Reversed): This card suggests corruption, avarice, or miserliness. Someone may use any available means to get ahead or manipulate others. Expected help may not come. Perhaps you feel undervalued or exploited. Definitely going to have to maintain my boundaries this month!

September: VIII of Chalices: You may have to abandon plans or let go of something that isn’t working. The upheaval could be painful, but you could find something better and more meaningful than what you have now. Interesting that this card comes after the one for August. I’m curious to see what life has in store for me.

October: The Hermit: This card is a reminder of the value of solitude, patience, and stepping away from the cacophony of society. It offers the potential to discover deeper truths about the world, insights about the self, and previously unfathomed levels of the soul. Guess I have a lot of meditation to do in October. Spooky movie marathons count, right?

November: Lord of Coins (Reversed): A writers worst nightmare: Lack of inspiration or discouragement. Intolerance, small-mindedness, or lack of imagination. You might suffer inertia or be stalled in a worn-out routine. Not a good prediction for NaNoWriMo.

December: King of Quills (Reversed): This card suggests cynicism or humourlessness. Well, I do get a little more cynical around certain holidays. A leader could forget that real authority requires the consent of the governed. It may also refer to a weak, indecisive person. I sure hope that isn’t me.

January: V of Chalices: Suffering, anger, or grief. Fantastic. There could be obsession over what went wrong, but you may not know the true facts. It may even just mean a bad day. Try to concentrate on what’s left and not cling towards what’s gone.

Clarifying Card: Death (Reversed): Procrastination, inertia, stagnation, or the feeling that life has reached a standstill. This is what I’ll have to make sure to push through over the next year. Perhaps you cling to the familiar or refuse to look at alternatives. That does sound like something I would do. You may emerge from depression or grief, or feel like you’re coming back to life.

Regardless of what happens to me over the next year, this reading has given me a lot to think about. I already know what I need to work on, but this has helped point me in the right direction. Whether these predictions turn out to be accurate or not, it’s good to have something to focus on and keep an eye out for. It’s looking like I’m going to have to take good care of myself in the second half of the year – something I know I need to do more of. So wish me luck, and stay tuned for updates!

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