Busy With Business And Bullies: Time For A Tarot Check-In!

It’s starting feel like every check-in or personal update involves me going on and on about how busy I’ve been, and March was no exception. If anything, I’d say that was probably one of the busiest and most stressful months I’ve had in a while. If you’ve read my March writing update, you probably already have some idea as to how much I had on my plate. Now when I look at my calendar for April, I feel like I actually have time to breathe. As always, I’ll be keeping myself busy, but there’s bound to be a lot less going on. But with everything that happened in March, how did that measure up against the prediction from my birthday tarot reading?

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

MarchLord of Sceptres (Reversed): Someone might be acting like a bully. There could be quarrels or other discord. This card can also indicate burying desires or squelching ambition.

And how accurate was it?

Pretty accurate.

Let’s break this down.

There were a few bullies that came my way last month, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. This isn’t my first time dealing with people who are so full of themselves they’ll put down those around them – and it likely won’t be the last time. Besides, spending time around toxic people is great inspiration when it comes to writing monsters and villains.

But if my successes from the past month are any indication, I did not let those bullies keep me down. Although there was an increase of stress, there was no burying of desires or squelching of ambition. If anything, it lit a fire under my ass to push harder to succeed. I’ve got a good momentum going and I’m taking some time in April to ramp up my self-publishing career. I can’t wait to see how that tarot check-in goes!

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