May 10th, 2023

I knew this had to happen sooner or later, but that didn’t make things any easier. Last week, Mark and I had to say goodbye to our beloved oldest cat Maximus “Max” Tigerius.

Max was Mark’s first cat, a Kijiji rescue adopted from a family who found him to be “too needy”. After living with 8 cats over the past 7 years between my own and those belonging to roommates, I can say without a doubt that Max was not too needy. He liked to get fed on time and snuggled on his own terms, but he was extremely easy-going. When I think of the life Max could have had with that family – a couple unimaginative enough to name their tabby cat Tiger – I am so grateful that he and Mark ended up together. Max may not have had an easy life, but Mark gave him the best life possible.

When I started dating Mark, Max became my first cat as well. Minerva took quite some time to warm up to me, but Max realized early on that I was a good source of snacks, chin scritches, and lap cuddles. He even made himself a part of our second date by cozying up to me and Mark on the couch as we watched a movie. To have Max choose your lap over someone else’s was a great honour.

He liked to play the role of grumpy old man, but he was anything but. When he pretended to ignore any new kittens that came into his life, the pretense didn’t last for long. He adored all of the kittens, and although his snuggles with them lessened they grew older, he made sure to groom them and look after them when they were small. Max could even be coaxed (or bullied) into sharing his food with the younger ones.

As a result of the breathing problems he developed as he got older, Mark and I knew our time with Max was limited. But with any loss, it still hurts. Max went out full of snacks, high on catnip, and wrapped in his favourite blankets. The cats and humans all left behind miss him terribly. But there is comfort in the knowledge that Max has gone to join his little sister Orla, and maybe he’ll get to see my Grandpa again (who affectionately called him “Fatty”).

Max, I can’t wait to see you and Orla someday on the Rainbow Bridge. I love you.

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