Getting In My Own Way: The Next Tarot Check-In

This past month has been exhausting. I’m sure given the amount of social posts and blog posts on the subject that you already know this has been my first month as a self-employed, full-time, self-published author. If reading that sentence was draining, that’s what my work life has been.

There are new stressors, new challenges, new problems, new routines, new highs, new lows, new EVERYTHING. So yes, even though I am so happy with how things have started, I know there are still challenges ahead, and it will likely be a long time until I hit that “smooth sailing” point. But while I’m looking ahead at my goals for September, lets take a moment to look back at what my birthday tarot reading predicted for August.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

August: King of Coins (Reversed): This card suggests corruption, avarice, or miserliness. Someone may use any available means to get ahead or manipulate others. Expected help may not come. Perhaps you feel undervalued or exploited.

And how accurate was it?

Not entirely.

Let’s break this down.

Given what I was going through workwise when I did this tarot reading, I fully expected a certain person (or people) to get in my way. Turns out, that was not the case. Originally, my plan had been to stay at my part-time job until the end of August and start my self-employed journey, well, now. Had I stuck with my original plan, maybe I would have experienced all of this from a person. But instead, I bumped everything up by a month.

The only lack of help and money came from me. I put myself in a financially difficult situation by leaving my part-time job a month early. And given all of the work I’ve done this past month for such little pay, I guess you could argue that I’m exploiting myself. But I think I’m just reaching at this point.

Long story short, August was a tough month for me but it was so rewarding. Despite any financial stresses, I am so happy that I took this leap in my career. I’m looking forward to a busy and productive September!

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