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Hi! I’m Stephanie the Yarn Monster.  You may have seen me running around conventions in my head-to-toe yarn cosplays.  Yes, it is warm under there.  Years ago I went through some tough times and slowly ended up cutting out all of my hobbies and interests from my life due to increasing anxiety and depression.  Eventually, I had a moment of realization that helped me to figure out how to move on from my depression and I have been slowly trying to re-establish my old hobbies and interests ever since.  Discovering my passion for knitting my cosplays certainly helped me to reclaim geekier aspects of my life.  That is why I will be writing about what I feel is important for me as a geek girl.  I’ll be writing about conventions, cosplay, local events – a little bit of everything I love.  And since I’ve got a Master’s in English Literature and Film Studies I can guarantee there will be book and movie reviews (LOTS of movie reviews).  So why a blog?  I’m an English major.  Some cosplayers prefer to model and take fantastic pictures for social media – I’m more of a wordsmith and I’d like the opportunity to get back into writing.  So join me as I explore this geeky universe for all the best life has to offer!

And guess what?! If you’re looking for fiction, you can check out my Reedsy Prompts profile to see what kinds of short stories I’ve written based on their prompts.

Looking for poetry or non-fiction? Then head on over to Medium to read even more of my work:

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