Skull Daddy

After a year of hardship, Cass and Jade are ready to put it all behind them. With the help of Cass’s mother, Vera, they’re finally able to move into a new home and get that fresh start they so desperately need. Most importantly, the new environment will be perfect for raising their rambunctious daughter, Willow.

But when October comes around, so does Skull Daddy. After displaying this new Halloween decoration in her room, Willow becomes obsessed with the thing. She cares for her new imaginary friend, and in return he shares his dark secrets with her.

Surely, this is just a harmless game of make believe. Or is it? Thanks to their daughter’s never ending obsession with Skull Daddy, and the horrifying gifts he brings, Cass and Jade are about to find out just how dangerous a Halloween decoration can be.

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