The Sorting

Lost and confused, Michael wanders into a strange, dark land filled with even stranger characters. He and his newfound friends have nothing to do but wait in the darkness until an unseen force carries them to The Outside for indeterminate periods of time. Theodore and Maggie, the elders of the group, have come to terms with this strange existence, but not everyone is so lucky. The eccentric Jack and an enchanting woman by the name of Vanessa have been pushed to the brink of insanity by their tumultuous experiences with The Outside. As Michael settles in to this new life, a question looms overhead: What exactly is a Sorting and why does it threaten to change Michael’s life forever? This play was performed in 2010 at the Ottawa Youth Infringement Festival and is now available in print for the very first time; complete with an introduction from Stephanie Anne that looks back at the serendipitous events that occurred before and after the performance of this short play.

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