Netflix Pick Of The Week: Girls With Balls

Hello Readers! Welcome to Stephanie the Yarn Monster’s Netflix Pick of the Week.

I wanted to try something new on here and I figured I’d experiment with some short Netflix reviews.  When I’m cooking, or doing chores, or working on cosplays or wedding crafts, I like to have the tv on in the background.  It’s a great way for me to multitask: I get to watch movies and shows on my to-watch list, and I get something productive done at the same time.  And there’s lots to find on Netflix  – films that haven’t been in theatres for a long time, or little hidden gems or Netflix specials that might never made it to theatres in the first place.

And now, with everything going on, I feel like we will all be watching a little more Netflix (and other streaming services).   The NAC has already cancelled the next play I was going to see, and events and hangouts are slowly dropping out of my calendar, so I guess this is a good time to dive deep into Netflix.

So once a week, I’d like to share a few of my thoughts on something I’ve watched.  This week’s pick:

img_9205Girls with Balls directed by Olivier Afonso – horror/comedy: This French film recounts the tale of a team of volleyball players who become lost in the woods.  They and their coach become the targets of a group of hunters (aka inbred cannibals).  Hilarity (and gore) ensues, many of the circumstances are sexualized, and the everything is loosely narrated by some strange guitar player.

Pros: It was funny and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  Even though a lot of moments were overly sexualized for comedy, it wasn’t done in an uncomfortable, male-gazey sort of way.  I really the choice to make the hunters mute; they were a  lot creepier since they didn’t say anything.

Cons: The dog dies. The characters were all stereotypes – it worked for the comedy, but there was very little character development. To be fair, a movie like this really doesn’t need a whole lot of character development. And even though the gore was pretty over-the-top, I wish it had been even more outrageous.

Final Thoughts: I’d watch this again.  And I think volleyballs are now an acceptable weapon  to use in a horror film. Go Falcons!

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