Netflix Pick of the Week: The Platform

While writing this post, I will have almost completed my first week of isolation.  Thanks to a cold I have been trying to get rid of during this past week, I have spent a lot of time resting and crossing movies and shows off of my Netflix list.  When I’ve had the energy, I’ve at least been able to do some creative stuff while I binge-watch.  I’ve worked on cosplay, wedding crafts, and done a lot of cooking and baking.  And, of course, I have been getting lots of snuggles from the cats. (In fact, as I write this, Finn is sitting in my lap.)

Hopefully, isolation and quarantine aren’t driving people too crazy yet. Good luck, readers.

So, out of everything I’ve watched in the past week, here are my thoughts on one of the Netflix films that stood out to me the most:

img_9351The Platform directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia – horror, sci-fi, thriller: This Spanish film takes place in a prison where each floor contains one cell.  A platform of food descends through the cells, stopping only a few minutes at a time.  The top cells eat their fill.  The lower cells get scraps, or nothing at all.  Each month, the prisoners end up on a different level.

Pros: The premise is fairly simple, and yet every important aspect of the film is packed with symbolism and meaning.  The characters even mention that the events within the prison can serve as a microcosm for the world outside. The cinematography and camera work are strong, and the set decoration for the platform is fantastic.

Cons: The dog dies. I wish some aspects of this world had been better explained.  Although, only basic information is needed to establish the main themes of the film. What I really want to know is how the child got in there. Her symbolic importance is obvious, but I still have so many questions about her presence in the prison.

Final Thoughts: I need to stop watching movies where the dog dies. But I enjoyed how thought provoking this was. I also appreciated how uncertain the ending is. We can hope that the message will be received and lead to change.  But even if that happens, will the change even make it to the outside world?

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