Post 200!? Time For Another Monthly Tarot Check-In

I can’t believe this is post number 200! Honestly, I didn’t even realize I had hit this number already. So, between being too busy/preoccupied to plan something special and just flat out forgetting (oops), there’s nothing too special for post number 200 – just another monthly tarot check in to see how accurate the prediction for the month of April was.

Let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was:

April: IX of Coins: This card speaks of gain, self-fulfillment, material comfort, and financial security. It also signifies a strong sense of identity, knowing your worth, and achieving a sense of well-being.

And how accurate was it?

Pretty accurate, I guess. Although not as much as I would have liked.

Let’s break this down. Material comfort and financial security? Absolutely not. There were a lot of bills and extras to pay for this month. And I did splurge and pay for an online horror writing course from AutoCrit that I thought would be really useful (it was). However, the fact that I could afford to pay all of those bills and still afford groceries probably means that I did experience some degree of financial security, even though it didn’t feel like it. But I certainly did experience gain and self-fulfillment. I have made huge amounts of progress on my career goals this past month. I even hired an editor! (Another one of those pesky bills). And that online course I took? That has undoubtedly contributed to immense gains in terms of knowledge and education. Through the course, I also experienced gain by joining another wonderful and supportive writing community. Most importantly, I certainly feel like a much stronger (horror) writer now. So, between taking online classes for a month and meeting my career goals for April, I have achieved a sense of well-being. And that, in turn, has contributed to a strong sense of identity as well as knowing my worth. Basically, all I needed last month for the prediction to be completely accurate was for some extra money to magically appear in my bank account. Wouldn’t that be nice.

All in all, I had a very busy April. Sometimes that extra busyness led to a little extra stress, but I’m really happy with how things turned out. The prediction for May looks pretty decent too, and I’m on a roll now. Here’s to another busy and productive month!

It’s not fair that my assistant gets to sleep on the job while I’m working so hard.

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