Meet The Team: A Tour Of Yarn Monster’s Office

Allow me to give you a tour around the office. It’s very small, it’s stuffed in the corner of the kitchen, and we all share one desk, but that doesn’t stop us from getting our work done.

Stephanie the Yarn Monster – Writing: The backbone of the company, in charge of most of the work. And yet, she is arguably the least important member of the team. Her napping skills leave much to be desired, and she never shares her lunch. She doesn’t even know how to hunt (plush) mice. When she gets too caught up in her work, she can be quite stingy when it comes to handing out belly rubs and treats. Management has been informed.

Maximus “Max” Tigerius – Supervisor: Max doesn’t always like to get involved in the work itself, but this senior gentleman doesn’t mind popping in from time to time to supervise. Whether napping in the lounge (a.k.a. cat tree), hanging out near the watering hole, or doing important work (a.k.a. more napping) under the desk, Max is almost always around. If he’s happy with the work being done, and satisfied that quotas are being met, he’ll even hand out some lap snuggles as a reward.

Imperator Minerva Furryosa – Upper Management: The big boss lady. She rarely ventures down into the office, but when she does it’s a big deal. Everyone pays attention when this sassy miss is around. At first glance, you may think that Yarn Monster is in charge, but you would be wrong. The desk truly belongs to Minerva – as does everything else in the vicinity – she’s just letting everyone borrow it.

Finnigan “Finn” Seamus – Personal Assistant: This laid back snuggle-bug probably won’t be winning employee of the month anytime soon, but at least he’s pretty. He tries his best to help with the workload, but usually ends up causing more trouble. Finn thinks he knows what he’s doing when he helps type things in, but no one really wants to read something that says “Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq”. He is, however, very skilled when it comes to his emotional support work, even if this does lead to him sleeping on the job.

Sir Bubbles “Bubs” Corkington – Quality Control: Don’t get in his way when he’s on the job! Seriously, don’t touch him. You can snuggle when the work is done. He’s working hard to make sure everyone sticks to a strict schedule. He also takes it upon himself to test the structural integrity of everything in the office – especially if it’s made of cardboard. When this busy little floof is around, you know he means business.

Thank you for joining the team on this little office tour. We hope you’ll visit again soon!

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