Glad The Month Is Over: My Next Tarot Check In

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I found this old brochure from the 80s. My uncle was #7 – Captain Rob Chapman.

June was stressful for me. A lot happened. Unfortunately, my uncle was hospitalized in mid June and passed away just last week. After my Granddad passed when I was 12, my dad and his siblings broke off contact with one another, so I didn’t have a relationship with my aunts and uncles after that. Even though we weren’t close, I still remember him as the cool uncle because he was a Snowbird. Plus, he cared deeply about animals and grew out his hair to donate to cancer patients when he retired from the air force. He was the kind of person I feel I would have gotten along with had circumstances in our family been different. This was also a difficult time for me as my uncle passed so soon after I lost my Grandpa.

As if all that wasn’t enough, this past month I not only continued to work towards getting published, but I also started re-establishing contact with my estranged father. Needless to say, my insomnia and sleep issues have returned. With all of that going on, I’m curious to see how this relates to my tarot reading for the month of June.

Let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was:

June: Abbess – Aemilia: This is the card of physic powers, spiritual knowledge, and women’s mysteries. It speaks of the union of opposites, seeking or offering advice, listening to your intuition, while representing all aspects of womanhood.

And how accurate was it?

A little bit?

Let’s break this down. The union of opposites stands out to me because of reconnecting with my dad. Although we have some similarities between us, he is also my opposite in a lot of ways. And I certainly sought out advice and listened to my intuition when it came to dealing with him and re-establishing contact. Something that didn’t seem relevant during my initial reading (why, I will never know) is that this card also has to do with healing. In June, between therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, allergy appointments, and my first dose of the COVID vaccine, I certainly underwent a lot of physical and mental healing. Plus, all of my care practitioners (right down to the nurse who gave me the vaccine) are female. I also had a respectable amount of virtual and socially distant hangouts with female friends this month, so I’ve certainly interacted with many different aspects of womanhood. My interpretation of this card might be a bit of a stretch, but I’m just so glad that June is over that that’s all I care about right now. Bring on July!

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