Bring It On 2022: Another Year, Another Birthday Tarot Reading

Time to break out the Shakespeare tarot deck! After last year’s birthday tarot reading inspired by Dark Sunlight, I decided I wanted to make this a regular thing. I found the reading for the year to be very helpful. I’m not using the deck to accurately predict exactly what’s going to happen to me each and every month of the year. Although admittedly, I do enjoy looking back once a month has passed to determine the accuracy of the prediction. Rather, I use this reading as a kind of meditative practice.

Given what I learned and figured out thanks to last year’s reading, I had specific goals in mind when I brought out my tarot deck for my birthday this year. After the reading, I take notes in a journal that I use specifically for this. I jot down the prediction, and then I jot down what comes to mind. It’s interesting to see what aspects of my life are most important to me in that moment, or even just the ones that are at the forefront of my mind. Since I’m now a self-published author, and working at growing my brand and my business, a lot of the predictions made me think of aspects of my career and work goals.

Then, at the start of each month, I re-evaluate the prediction from my birthday reading, and follow it up with a simpler tarot reading. From there, I take the meanings of the cards and make them work for my monthly goals and personal reminders. For example, if I pull a card that mentions burnout, I then journal about it and write myself a note to allow myself to rest so that I don’t burn out. I have a dry-erase globe light that I use for these kinds of notes. And when I’m being hard on myself and need a pep-talk, I turn to the notes on my glob light.

This whole process has been really helpful for me this past year, and I hope to both continue and improve this system of journaling and goal setting with the help of my tarot deck. I can’t wait to see what I have to work with for 2022.

February: VI of Scepters: A great start to the reading as this card speaks of victory, well-earned conquest, the realization of desires and dreams, as well as advancement and achievement. However, success isn’t handed to you, but won through hard work, skill, courage, and intelligence. Given that I’m moving forward with my writing/publishing, and I just started a new part-time job, this is exactly the kind of prediction I want to hear right now.

March: X of Scepters: Well, it looks like I might get a little too overambitious in February, because the card for March indicates that goals may be too lofty, and expectations too high. You have taken on too many obligations and are now feeling betrayed by your overly ambitious reach. Yup, that sounds like something I would do.

April: The World – Globe Theatre: This card reminds me to take pleasure in the moment and bask in the spotlight, but don’t forget about the supporting cast. This card indicates growing, learning, striving, and putting your good works out for the world to see. Even if you can see your hopes realized, remember that the work has only begun. Seeing as I am still in the early stages of my publishing journey, this is good advice for the year ahead, no matter the month.

May: V of Chalices: This card suggests suffering, anger, or grief. Oh boy. And here, I thought I had enough of that in 2021. There may be disappointment, despair, loss, sorrow, or obsession over something that went wrong. The silver lining in this is that although a blunder could be serious, it is not irreversible.

June: VI of Quills: June looks like it will be the month of recovering from whatever happens in May. It indicates a journey that could be physical or metaphorical, allowing a change of pace and distance from problems, or a move towards a new way of thinking. The result is a restoration of mind and spirit.

July: Queen of Quills – Beatrice (Reversed): Here comes another less than stellar prediction. This card indicates an enemy in the form of someone who is narrow-minded, bigoted, unforgiving, jealous, or hypercritical. On the other hand, you may be deceiving yourself, and perhaps you feel detached. Good thing Shark Week typically happens in July because it sounds like I’ll need the pick-me-up.

August: The Fool – Feste: This card represents an open mind, a fresh perspective, and optimism. Although The Fool has freedom, he does not have power. But the unexpected does not faze him; it just provides more material. The recommendation that comes with this card is to try to find humour in difficult times, and to speak the truth with grace and tact. Solid advice for any month of the year.

September: Death – King Lear: I was actually pleased to see this card pop up in the reading because off the top of my head I know this one represents change. In this case, the change is drastic and permanent, but also important and necessary. You can feel some relief because whatever you’re grappling with will soon be over and you can move on.

October: Lady of Coins – Mistress Page: The Lady of Coins is clearheaded, confident, practical and realistic. She gets project moving, producing tangible results, as work and play are equally fun to her. She also represents security and abundance. Sounds like I’ll be living my Boss Ass Bitch fantasy in October.

November: Lord of Chalices – Valentine (Reversed): Well, November 2021 was rough for me, and it looks like November 2022 will be as well. This card represents artifice, duplicity, or betrayal, and speaks of someone acting disingenuously. Some one may be emotionally dishonest, addicted to emotions, or willing to promise anything to gain an objective. Or it may be that someone is charming but irresponsible.

December: II of Scepters (Reversed): This card suggests a forthright, self assured presence. Success is near, so take initiative. You may be standing on the threshold of opportunity with the resources and help you need to do anything you want. This is the time to act decisively. Good to know I’ll be back to being a Boss Ass Bitch after November.

January: VI of Coins (Reversed): Not a good card to have during my birthday month, because it mentions gifts or favours that are tinged with ambition, envy, or spite. Actions could be motivated by selfishness, jealousy, avarice, or desire. And others may seem stingy or unhappy, no matter how much you do for them.

Clarifying Card: The Empress – Queen Elizabeth (Reversed): I can’t say that I’m thrilled to have this for a clarifying card for the year as it represents powerlessness, vacillation, inaction, lack of concentration, indecision, and anxiety. With an anxiety disorder, it’s a given that that will hang around me for the year, but given how much hard work I’m doing in many aspects of my life right now, I hope I don’t have to deal too much with those other factors. Projects could be delayed or die from inattention, and although I’m not willing to let any of my projects die off, based on the delays in 2021, I could see that happening again in 2022.

There’s lots to think about here, and lots to work with. Based on what was going through my head when I did the reading and jotted down my thoughts, work is going to be my primary goal for 2022. Compared to my 2021 birthday reading, I interpreted that many of the predictions would apply to the relationships in my life. And yes, last year, there was an increased focus on some of those relationships. But since then, I’ve started down a new career path, so that’s what’s at the forefront of my mind right now. But I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

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