I Think You Already Know What Week It Is

I shouldn’t have to tell you that this week is my favourite week of the year. If you’ve been following any of my social media, or if you know me personally, you know that Shark Week might as well be my religion. And this year, Discovery+ is fin-ally available in Canada! For a household that has not had cable in years, being able to stream my Shark Week on my own time, and without commercial breaks, is a godsend.

But this year there is another change to the way I do Shark Week. Not only am I busier with work than I have been in the past few years, but my sister is taking me on vacation this coming weekend. I don’t have as much time as I usually would to write a one paragraph review for every Shark Week show I watch. So instead, this year I’m trying out bite sized reviews with a score!

Without further ado… BRING ON THE SHARKS!

As always, the cats are bracing for my sharky shenanigans

Dawn of the Monster Mako: The Romeiros are back and so are the Makos! Nothing too educational or mind blowing about this one, but it’s classic Shark Week fun. Who doesn’t love big sharks?

8 out of 10 Large Ladies

The Haunting of Shark Tower: Between the spooky setting, the sharks, and Andy Cassagrande, I thought this show was made just for me! But not a whole lot actually happened. And what was with that weird colour wash and cinematography?

6 out of 10 Frying Pans

Great White Intersection: This features important discussions surrounding co-existing with sharks, but it wasn’t presented all that well. Plus, it took me a third of the episode to realize this wasn’t one of those fear mongering shark attack survival shows. And what was with that cheesy B-movie style opening and music?

5 out of 10 townspeople who think they’re extras in Jaws

Great White Battleground: Basically Air Jaws without the branding, or Chris Fallows. But it was super interesting to learn about how breach attacks might be a form of communication between great whites. Can we please get a sequel for this one?

9 out of 10 underwater sound systems

Jackass Shark Week 2.0: I’m not a fan of Jackass, but for a second year in a row I’m pleasantly surprised. Silly, yet educational, and I appreciate that no sharks were blamed for what happened to Poopies the previous year. But why, oh why, did they have to feature my least favourite sea creature, the hagfish!?

9 out of 10 shock collars

Great White Open Ocean: A beautiful tribute to Jimi Partington and all he’s done for and with sharks. I was absolutely heartbroken to learn about his stroke and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Can Discovery please make an effort to keep including Jimi in Shark Week?

10 out of 10 glass bottom boats

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