Serial Killers Or Killer Breaches? The Choice Is Simple

One thing that occurred to me this year is that I’m no longer limited to what airs on the Discovery Channel. Now that I’ve got that coveted Discovery+ subscription, I have access to the exclusive streaming content. And yes, that included the Discovery+ exclusives from previous years. So I have decided to not only watch everything new that is airing this year, but I’m also going to comb through all of those sweet, sweet exclusive shows I never got a chance to watch before.

Don’t worry Finn and Bubs, I would never replace you with Shark Pup… Or would I?

Air Jaws: Top Guns: There’s barely any substance to this series anymore. It’s not so much an educational show as it is an epic montage of stunning shark footage. But with such fantastic shots of mind blowing breaches, do we really need this show to be educational?

8 out of 10 Mini Dickies

Great White Serial Killer: Fatal Christmas: It’s no surprise that I don’t like this series, and how it got to be six episodes long is beyond me. I feel like each installment is just repeating the same stuff as the previous episodes. How is it helpful to sharks to think of them as serial killers?

2 out of 10 disappointed Stephanies

Rise of the Monster Hammerheads: The footage alone in this episode was stunning. I always love watching Tristan Guttridge and his team work with hammerheads, no matter the context. But will we ever find out if Sunken and Big Moe are the same shark?

8 out of 10 Robo Rays

Mega Predators of Oz: I’ll admit, I was hooked from the mention of the cloaca swab – it’s not something you hear every shark week. And although studying the shark’s place within the food chain is interesting, the intro to the show led me to believe that there was going to be some study surrounding reproduction – which there was not. Also, did that diver seriously end up with a mouth-full of shark poop?!

7 out of 10 Shark Snacks

Stranger Sharks: The lighthouse segment was what The Haunting of Shark Tower should have been. This show had science, spookiness, Stranger Things, and sharks! Did the Discovery Channel make this just for me?

10 out of 10 scared Noahs

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