Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: Sharks Vs The World

Some of the most fun and/or interesting Shark Week specials tend to be the “versus” ones. Whether it’s a battle or a comparison of abilities, I enjoy the science and entertainment that comes out of those shows. Which is interesting given that sharks are in a constant “versus” battle against humans. If you’re a fan of sharks, or a follower of mine, by now I’m sure you know that humans kill over a million sharks each year. And even if the shark fin industry wasn’t at the heart of this, the way we’re destroying the planet is contributing to the deaths of sharks. In the battle of Sharks vs Humans, for the sake of the planet, this is one battle that us humans need to lose.

You never know when a shark might be watching…

Impractical Jokers: Shark Week Spectacular: This show is barely educational and borders on being a bit too stupid – and not in the entertaining way. It’s like Jackass lite, so it’s anticlimactic to air this show two days after Jackass Shark Week 2.0. And why was Joey Fatone only there for one segment?

5 out of 10 Overly Honest Little Kids

Jaws vs Kraken: The more I learn about squids, the less remorse I feel about finding them delicious. Despite the in depth scientific analysis on this hypothetical showdown, I’m disappointed we didn’t actually get to see an encounter between a great white and a squid. Seriously, why are squids such assholes?

9 out of 10 Tentacles

Pig vs Shark: This was hilariously unexpected – along with the second cloaca swap of the year! I suppose after the presence of cows in a past Shark Week, I really should not have been all that surprised to see the swimming pigs. Is there anything tiger sharks won’t eat?

10 out of 10 Eviscerated Decoy Pigs

Raging Bulls: For a show that features Paul de Gelder, I was expecting a little stronger. I checked my past blog posts to see if I’ve seen this one before – I haven’t – because the premise felt so familiar. Maybe investigating surges of attacks is getting to be overdone?

6 out of 10 Prosthetic Limbs

Extinct or Alive: Jaws of Alaska: I love all sharks, but I especially enjoy the shows that focus on species other than the main ones that are regularly featured on Shark Week. I would really appreciate if Shark Week could expand to focus on other, less known sharks and locations in order to broaden the sharky knowledge of viewers and the public. This was a Discovery+ exclusive from last year, and they hinted at a sequel, so where is it?

9 out of 10 Salmon

Shark Rumble: Although I’m not a follower of the WWE, this was cute, wholesome, family friendly content. I adore when celebrities and public figures appear on Shark Week in order to overcome their fear of sharks, battle the stigma against sharks established by Hollywood and the media, and promote ocean conservation. Is Shark Week going to turn me into a wrestling fan?

10 out of 10 Performing Sea Lions

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