Spooky Season Is Over, But The Next Tarot Check-In’s Just Begun!

A lot happened in October – and I’m not just talking about the amount of spooky movies I watched. Covid kicked my butt, and sleeping on the couch separated from Mark wasn’t much fun either. I worked hard (when I was safe to leave the house) but that lingering covid brain fog meant I didn’t get as much reading or writing done. But at least I got to wear lots of fun, spooky outfits through all the ups and downs. So how does that measure up against my tarot prediction for October?

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

October: Lady of Coins – Mistress Page: The Lady of Coins is clearheaded, confident, practical and realistic. She gets project moving, producing tangible results, as work and play are equally fun to her. She also represents security and abundance. 

And how accurate was it?


Let’s break this down.

I think getting covid early in the month threw a wrench in my plans. Otherwise, October would have been a phenomenal month. But even after I recovered, my energy was low and my cough remained. And thanks to that covid brain fog, I certainly was not clearheaded. However, I was practical and realistic when it came to taking care of my health this past month. I knew what my body was capable of and when I should not be pushing myself. This was a month where I did not overwork myself.

And that was great for my movie marathon! Thanks to taking all those sick days, I got that much further in my movie marathon. So yes, work and play were equal for me during October. But as a result, I did not feel much security or abundance. I lost out on work pay, and I was isolated for just long enough to lose that sense of emotional security.

But that’s all over now. And all things considered, October wasn’t all that bad – just exhausting. Here’s to a busier (and hopefully better) November!

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