It’s Not About The Badges: The Second NaNo Check-In!

Well, this isn’t the most stellar update, but it’s an update nonetheless. I knew I had a busy month ahead, but I thought I would have been able to get more writing done. Still, even though I didn’t churn out as many words as I hoped in this past week, I had some good planning sessions to figure out next steps and how to improve the story.

Does it bother me that I won’t get all the badges as a result of this? A little. But NaNo isn’t about the badges or the final word count. The goal is not to simply write a novel, but to build good writing habits in the process. There were days where I could have forced myself to write more, but I was so mentally and physically drained that it would not have gone well. There’s no point in writing something I know will not meet my personal standards, something I would have to re-write anyway. And if I don’t take care of my body and mind, I can’t write well.

I guess that’s how I earned the writer wellness badge.

Hope everyone else is taking care of themselves and enjoying NaNoWriMo so far!

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