NaNoWriMo Check In #4: Did I Win?

Between a busy schedule and getting sick, I did not get as much writing done as I had hoped this month. I also learned why sometimes it’s better to start a new project, rather than editing a new one for NaNoWriMo. Although I got half-way through draft 2, I didn’t actually add as many words as I thought I would. Part of that it because I got hung up on fixing sections, meaning long writing sprints didn’t actually yield many new words.

But that is more than okay. Part of why I wanted to tackle Skull Daddy this month is because I wanted to fix some problems with the story and make it a longer piece. Although I doubt it will ever become a 50,000 word novel, it will end up being a longer novella than I had originally intended. And, most importantly, I figured out how to fix some of the issues with the story.

This past month may not have gone as planned, but I still achieved my goals in some way. And that is most definitely a win.

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