Time For A Shift: My November Reads

I honestly thought I would have gotten through more of my reading list in November. But then I got sick for the second month in a row! and that changed everything. When I was recovering at home, I didn’t have the physical energy or mental capacity to read a traditional paperback novel. Hell, I was basically in and out of consciousness for two days straight and couldn’t even take care of myself. When I felt well enough to sit up and attempt reading, I decided on some short graphic novels. Following along with the pictures helps with the brain fog.

Once I was well enough to go back to work, I found that reading on the morning commute was a no-go. That dreaded motion sickness had returned. So, I did what any one in my situation would have done: I hijacked my husband’s Audible account and started listening to some of the audiobooks he had previously downloaded.

Although I’m still working my way through the paperback novel I started reading in October, and least I managed to get some reading done in November.

You are home by Catana Chetwynd:

What couple hasn’t felt personally called out by the slice-of-life antics in “Catana Comics”? Mark and I regularly send each other DMs on all forms of social media, sharing these little 4 panel nuggets of comedy and saying something to the effect of: “this is you.” Every time a new book comes out, Mark buys it for me to add to my collection. And every time I read these books, I giggle to myself thinking “That’s totally us.” I will never not enjoy these comics.

“Did you hear what Eddie Gein done?” by Harold Schechter and Eric Powell

I’m deeply embarrassed to admit that I, a horror fan, did not know who Ed Gein was. I had never even heard of him until Mark sent me texts of the pages inside and asked if it was something I would want to read. I said yes, not knowing that this well-researched story is based on true events. Mark, who does not share my passion for horror, knew who Ed Gein was and I did not! He and I were equally shocked.

But given the fact that I have watched all of the movies that had characters and moments inspired by his crimes, it’s no surprised that I adored this graphic novel. And now that I know about the man and the legend, I feel that I am safe from having my horror card revoked. If you are a fan of horror – especially the classic films like Psycho (1960) , The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and The Silence of the Lambs (1991) – you should absolutely read this book.

The Subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson

My first audiobook! Seriously. I had never actually listed to one from “cover to cover” before. And given that my mental health took a dip after getting horribly sick 2 months in a row, on top of the usual bullshit life like to throw my way, I figured a self-help book would be a good start. Besides, as I was browsing the titles Mark had downloaded to his Audible account, this one stood out for obvious reasons.

Although I wouldn’t say it was the best or most helpful self-help book I’ve ever read, I am very glad I listened to this one. Not all of the chapters and scenarios applied to me, but there were some brilliant nuggets of wisdom that helped me put things into perspective and reframe my thinking. It helped that the narration on this particular audiobook was a perfect fit for the tone and subject matter. The more audiobooks I listen to, the more I realize that the narrator is another factor that contributes to my enjoyment of the book.

So if, like me, your anxiety has gotten the better of you, or you can’t seem to get ahead of life’s bullshit, maybe you too should try not giving a fuck.

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