Happy Horror-Days! Here’s A Gift From Me To You

Throughout the early months of the pandemic, I became fascinated with a box truck that kept showing up in the neighbourhood. It waited in empty parking lots – at the gym, the local school, the Park & Ride. and I never saw a driver in the seat. Soon, I saw an opportunity to combine the story of this mysterious truck with my love of nature documentaries, and “Rogue Truck Theory” was born.

Although I had originally planned to include it in Coping Mechanism, I removed in from the collection when I realized it did not fit the overall theme and tone I was going for. But I love this silly little horror story and figured it would be better suited as the 2022 holiday gift.

It’s not too scary, not too gory, and fun for the whole family! Well, maybe not that last part…

Download your free copy here!
Happy Reading and Happy Holidays

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