Spooky Prep & Secret Projects: September Writing Update

Unfortunately, there’s not too much I can talk about in this post. I’ve gotten a lot of writing and editing done this month, but there’s also been a lot of planning for October. And I can’t talk about any of it.


This year, I will not be doing the weekly Spooktober blog posts for two reasons. One, I think it will be easier for me if I don’t add that one extra thing to my already full to-do list for the month. And two, I have been thinking of making some changes to the blog, as well as the frequency of posts. These changes will not take effect until the new year, but this is the time to give me your feedback! If there is a segment you hope I keep, or something new you would like to see from me, please let me know.

Although I will not be doing Spooktober blog posts, I will be doing plenty of spooky things during the month of October. Keep an eye on my social media for all of the fun and chaos. I have many outfits, movies, and books planned. This year, I’ll be taking a different approach to Nightmare on Film Street’s 31 Day Horror Challenge. Normally, I save October for bingeing horror movies I have yet to see, but I seem to be doing that during all the other months of the year. For this year’s spooky season, I’ve curated a list of movies that mixes films I’ve never seen, as well as ones that I would love to rewatch.

And for the books I’m reading in October… Well, there will be a separate blog post for that.

Finally, I can tell you that my writing and editing has gone well this month, and I have hit all my goals. But that’s all I can say for now. If you want more details, sign up to my newsletter before October 1st. Only my subscribers will get the first hint of the secret project I’m working on. And that’s not the only secret I’ll be sharing in my October newsletter.

That’s all for now, but you can bet I’ll have lots more updates and surprises for you throughout the spooky season.

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