The Beginning Of The End: The Final Tarot Check-In

This is it: the moment I warned you all was coming. This December, I’m wrapping up all of my recurring blog posts. Come January, there will be new posts, a new schedule, and a new focus. But for now, let’s start the month with the final tarot check-in.

Now, let’s remind ourselves of what that prediction was.

November: Lord of Coins (Reversed): A writers worst nightmare: Lack of inspiration or discouragement. Intolerance, small-mindedness, or lack of imagination. You might suffer inertia or be stalled in a worn-out routine.

And how accurate was that reading?

Not too accurate.

Let’s break this down.

Thankfully, with a writing challenge taking up most of my focus in November, I did not experience a lack of inspiration or imagination. And as I changed up my daily schedule to meet my writing goals, my day-to-day life was different compared to my usual routine.

Now, I will admit that some unexpected extra (and stressful) work for one of my contract clients threw off my groove at the beginning of the month. There were some days when I had to cut down on my writing because I was too mentally and physically exhausted. But in the end, everything turned out okay.

As this is now the final tarot check-in, there will not be any posts for my December or January predictions. I debated seeing this through until I had written about every month from my 2023 birthday reading. I will still do my own personal check-ins for my journaling, but I did not see the point in continuing this recuring segment into February of 2024. As my writing career evolves, so does the blog.

That being said, if anyone is aching to read two more check-ins, please let me know. I have left space in my new blog schedule for extra posts.

Next week: The final book review blog post!

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